NBFF 2001 Archive
March 29 - April 5, 2001
By E.G.

IT'S A WRAP -- NBFF 2001:
-Personal From Beginning to End-

A truly excellent film festival filled with interesting and varied films, filmmakers, and personalities as well as smashing galas -- one is glad NBFF goes to Sundance amd Cannes while all we have to do here is to savor every morsel NBFF proffers! My take on some of what is the montage of NBFF 2001 is personal -- appeal to art, appeal to Walter Mitty dreams, interest in the inescapably extraordinary, and films making dreams come true between schmoozes and hand clasps.

The following are personal and subjective real time commentaries. Subjective here is that out of many I can not tell about all. I can tell about some which I personally like more than others.

(Opening Night) (March 29, 2001)
"The Sting"

What's in a print - A 1973 film in 2001!

One of best films of all time, "The Sting", deserved the freshened print that made this classic even more breath taking. Colors true, deep and strong enhanced this excellent film. When one thinks of "the 20s" and "the 30s" one is inclined to think in black and white but we know it had to be in color in real life. For all of the amazing set decoration and art direction including the technical behind the scenes. This film deserves the very best print at all times. What else is in the print? Luscious detail. Acting supberb and lasts beyond the time and place of release. Noted are 1973 Oscars for "The Sting":
And Music Too
Remember the Scott Joplin and anything "rag" renaissance that followed this film? The choice and style of music enhanced the lightness of spirit of the film story even during its more stressful plot moments.
Buddies and Friends
Stars and filmmakers lighted the night with graciousness and poise to be found only in this quality cast and crew. Reminds that filmmaking is an effort hung on interrelated talents and expertise. In person they shared some of their persons - from battled life threatening illnesses to dedication to life saving charitable causes to details of the production of "The Sting". (Keeping in mind the film team, film buddies Newman and Redford were present in spirit.)
International Movie Data Base awards list for "The Sting" (1973)
The Scott Joplin International Ragtime Foundation
Scott Joplin music recordings
NBFF 2001 opening gala notes
Hospitality personified:
   Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and Tennis Club

Jumpin' and Jiv'n' Fun:
   Johnny Crawford Dance Orchestra

Thanks a million:
   Marconi Foundation for Kids

Bountiful and de-lish!
(Never an empty plate or empty glass!)
   Ristorante Mama Gina's
   Sage Restaurant
   Clayton Shurley's Texas BBC
   What's Cooking

Bar Hosted by:
   Don Julio
   BV Wines

About NBFF
Opening night for Newport Beach Film Festival has all the trappings and glitter that one expects - limos driving celebrities and VIPs to the front red carpet disembarking through a bevy of cameras - dressy guests, filmmakers, and stars... Followed by a feature presentation including representatives and participants in the production of the feature film.

NBFF International
Top of the list for NBFF is its international representation. Films are from the entire globe. This is one of the reasons that I personally think that one does not have to attend any other film festival unless one is working to bring films to NBFF and Orange County, of course! [Attendance at other film festivals is encouraged, the motto being "one can not take in too many films or film parties!" However, if one must stay home, one is able to take in NBFF and so keep pace with all.]

NBFF Organization
NBFF staff to date has, from my personal point of view, handled every difficult situation that has occurred with priority being attention to and caring for film festival attendees.

NBFF Party Time
Galas to date always have good location, good ambiance, good food, good service, good music and good company.



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