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"Guiding Light (Hokule'a)"
"Ka ' Ililauokekoa"

I did not know what adventure I was in for when I met, on the way into the theater, a group of happy people carrying many plants and flowers. The plants and flowers ended up at the foot of the screen for the showing of two films from Hawaii.

"Guiding Light" tells the story of how Polynesian navigation is being revived by just doing it. It is possible to learn how swells patterns in the ocean and the position of some stars can get one throuhout the southern oceans and seas. Sometimes a little pedandic, sometimes amazing, the story is told. A journey done long ago redone now.


Building of the Hokule'a
Polynesian Voyaging Society
Traditional and Contemporary Navigation and Exploration
Language of love and history.


In the Hawaiian language done by school teachers who brought a timeless story to the screen for us all. The choice of NBFF to screen this film is due the gold star of the day. The story brings a woman and two men into a historical threesome out of which one man and one woman emerge. Super and natural. For fans, some surfing included.


Beautiful Movie Poster:
Honolulu Star Bulletin article film at NBFF



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