Orange County Media News Services reports on various arts and sciences. Reports are placed on a web site and announced by e-mail to an interested constituency. OCMNS reports to news agencies and reporters both domestic and international.
    Market includes all aspects of Computers, Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Multi Media, Internet and World Wide Web, QTVR, Astronomy, Music, Visual Image Design, Electronic Media and Art, Communications and related communities.
    OCMNS requests that you e-mail to us requesting OCMNS e-mail and web site announcements of reports and coming events. If you participate or attend any events covered by OCMNS please e-mail your thoughts and experiences to us.
    OCMNS requires credits when our reports are used. Some reports may be fee based. All writers own the copyrights to their material. Fee based material may not be used or sold without the owners permission.
E.G. O'Neil
Conference Writer Reporter
Michael D.Zorn
Computer Writer Reporter
How to reach OCMNS
e-mail ocmns@rigoletto.com
Address PO Box 29110
Santa Ana CA 92799
Message Phone (714) 549-4963

Faxes may be sent by telephoning to OCMNS before transmitting.

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