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Current list:

The BlogWalk page is everything between the two horizontal rules. To see and copy the source, go here and 'View Source'.

The script is pretty straightforward.

The array URL holds the URLs you want to put on the tour. Unused slots are commented out.

blogNr is the current array index. The number of items in the array is in URL.length

Skipping ahead to the BODY, when the page loads in the new window, the script updates the status bar, then this line

    document.buttonForm.blogButton.value='Next: ' + URL[0];

changes the label on the button to show the first URL.

The form is only there to hold the button. The width="360" is there for Netscape. Without it, the button is only a few pixels wide.

The function nextBlog() is called when you push the "Next" button. It opens a new window, aptly named newWindow, with the current URL. Each new window goes to newWindow; that's the only one opened by this script.

The status line holds the current URL. You can delete the window.status line.

After the current URL opens in the new window, we bump blogNr, and if it goes past the end of the URL array, kept in URL.length, we set it back to zero. So as you add or delete URLs, the script automatically keeps track of how many there are. Just remember to uncomment new ones, and comment out unused ones. Finally, the function updates the Next button with the URL that will come up next.

The bit at the end, starting at "Current list:", is my one concession to "feature creep". I thought it would be nice to have a list of links, so that if I didn't want to take the standard "guided tour", I could just check in at one or two. (Aside for JavaScript writers: it was a bit of a pain getting the " and the \" right.)

I hope somebody finds it useful. If you do, send me an eMail.