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The Second Amendment:
A well regulated militia,
being necessary to the security of a free state,
the right of the people to keep and bear arms,
shall not be infringed.

Hey Red Cross - you missed the US POWs !!!

April 2, 2003

Hey Red Cross -- here's your great opportunity to talk with US POWs - eleven are with Miss Lynch -- or maybe you can get off your duffs and find out what the truth of the war in Iraq is truly about...

After 9-11 you made me rethink the Red Cross as scamming the public and are you still doing that?

My friend owes me a dollar from our bet that the Red Cross would go to see the US held POWs before the Iraqi held POWs. Red Cross you can't escape this one - except you can redeem yourselves a little by talking with Miss Lynch!

There is no joy here as you have struck out -- again!!!


I never try to change anyone's mind

March 25, 2003

This is what I believe -- I believe that the present action in Iraq is for the future of a more peaceful planet and that peace is not gained nor maintained by being "nice" and saying "pretty please" or by appeasement. Peace is not a magic thing that anyone who is a liberal defines. My personal definition includes the following - that everyone lives in freedom. It is amazing to me then that liberal people did not blink an eyelash when troops were sent to the former Yugoslavia and to Haiti.

Life under socialism, which is what the main organizing international group is, is very similar to the former Soviet Union...a lot of people on the top with lots of the country's wealth and a so-what for workers. Eventually that type of economy implodes. The economy of the US is one reason why people die trying to get to the US. The people who are marxists believe that now that there are enough well off workers world wide that they can now make the conflict become between the so-called have and have not nations. I always challenge everyone who thinks that those who work for their money are not deserving of keeping that money - in the most generous country in the world - do not just give their own money instead of mine. Then and only then will I believe the Ben of Ben and Jerry - when he gives his money to those who truly need it (truly need it as he claims.) That is my definition of standing by one's principles - however, the Ben of Ben and Jerry has only one principle - to assist in the destruction of the very country in which he was able to accumulate the money that he has.

Daily I hear Iraqi's - and then today the Iraqi's of Basra - that the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein is as evil as any of the most evil of dictators of the past 100 years - includes a long list. These people tell of why we are there - that everyone has freedom. When that is true, there is no reason for people to have nations that fight against each other. In socialism, only an elite few are allowed to run the government and only a special elite class may have any of the wealth that a country produces.

There is another argument about children that I hear. That is the new way of talking about what the US is doing in Iraq and it is meant to frighten people. It is normal and natural for people who are parents and grandparents, etc., to want their specific children to live. Sometimes in the history of the world there has been the opportunity that is afforded now to truly benefit future generations. Living in freedom is what it is all about. Some are willing to sacrifice for this. No one wants THEIR child to be inured or killed. Of course. But there is a time for respect for the efforts that those special children are now making. It is contradictory to Support the Troops and also be for them not doing what is the right thing to do.

Those brave men and women have come to Iraq with a reason - to gain the exit of a truly evil person who has held the country captive paying off his army with money from oil for food programs that is meant for them - to bring a lifting of the repression of a medieval lifestyle brings - and in a very special case - the rights of women. The Democrats, the media, and the anti-war protesters are trying mightily to make this whole scenario look as if it will cause children - adult children to be killed - and therefore we must now stop the troops! That is wishful thinking and poor bargaining. Bargaining is part of what people do when under stress in hopes of stopping a hurt or bad situation. That is unrealistic.

And now for the truly down and dirty part - having just listened to a man who described one more torture chamber in one of Saddam's palaces - my hope is for an end to women having their breasts cut off and then shot, for children not to have to attend hooray for Saddam parades under threat of being shot and killed, of people not having to live in squalor near a camoflaged chemical plant, of people having been shredded in machines meant to shred plastic, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

There will be a new Iraq. There will be a new United States. And the children who are bringing that about know what they have to do to achieve that.

What about the "moral high" ground - what is the connection to Saddam from al Qaeda and 9-11? Why did France, Germany, and Russia not want the US into Iraq. (Answer is because they had already broken the agreements of the UN and had been assisting Saddam with biological and chemical weapons. That Saddam started the pro-Saddam and pro- Osama television - (with money from where?) to influence people.

Yes I am concerned about my son. I love him enough to know that he will be doing what he has desired to do since he was 5 years old. At that time no influence from me as I had said no guns until he was old enough to legally have them without my permission.

No guns does not work. It's supposed to be maternal to not want your son or daughter killed - but that is NOT why they are where they are. It is one of the things that they and only they can deal with. For me it is my duty as a mother to understand what my child wants to do. He chose something he can no longer do. He is now chosen to follow to where he can do something for his team. He is an adult person who no longer needs my permission for anything. Would I be sad or upset if anything happened to him? Do I like being sad or upset? I would be sad and upset. Of course I do not like being sad or upset. I have cried already for those children who have been already killed, for those children who have already been injured, for those who have already been taken prisoner of war. But they know that theirs is a higher calling. They know. They will come back to the US and ask the media why they propagandized everyone by leaving out those who are supporting them or writing negative stories about the support our troops.

Supporting the troops is being for what they are for and not just saying one supports them. It is about knowing that they are FREEDOM fighters for the future peace of the world.

I may change this a little here and there eventually but the basics will always stay the same.


France and Germany have already broken the UN

March 12, 2003

France broke UN and almost NATO also when they sold (through any company) armaments or parts for armaments to Iraq. This is also true of Russia and also true of Germany. Therefore, as of that moment there was in effect no UN. Those who want NATO as they recall the eastern European domination of the USSR (aka Russia) are what is keeping NATO together with or without France and Germany and China and Russia, etc. .

Regarding the academic quoted on Rush Limbaugh show today saying that there is an attempt to form a "second world power" is partially true. It is Russia via Putin which is the country most in contact with all nations and is rebuilding the USSR through various agreements with surrounding countries. And of course France and Germany think that they would have some part of the power. [HaHa] [Reasons why I believe a defacto rehabillitation of the USSR is going on later.]

Keeping in mind that Russia is already the top arms seller worldwide, Russia already has the base to "revive" its already operative "military-industrial complex".

Some questions in mind regarding the above: What happened to all of the Russian oil? Is it true that the U.S. gets most of its oil from Canada and Mexico? Whose economy is strongest even when it is down? How strong is the Russian economy? If Russia, France and Germany were selling to Iraq then where did that money come from?

If anyone has said that all the UN debating society is doing is to "contain" the US, they are correct. It should be widely proclaimed that France and Germany have broken the UN and the U.S. according to its own laws and according to the fact that there is defacto no "UN" proceed on its own with any allies who wish to join in.


A Nation of Children

March 11, 2003

Are we living in a nation of children? Where are US Civilian's guts?

The support the troops banter includes the middle of the road fence sitting apology that we should "support our troops" and that is OK as long as one recognizes the "anti war" stance.

I believe that to be a matter of scared kids who do not know what to do regarding how bullies treat them and so try to bargain their way out without knowing what to do.

Overall they have lost sight of the fact that if one takes on a true bully that one may nullify the bully's powers.