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Rally For America. The FreeRepublic web site lists rallies around the country in support of our troops.

France and Germany have already broken the UN

March 12, 2003 Wednesday

France broke UN and almost NATO also when they sold (through any company) armaments or parts for armaments to Iraq. This is also true of Russia and also true of Germany. Therefore, as of that moment there was in effect no UN. Those who want NATO as they recall the eastern European domination of the USSR (aka Russia) are what is keeping NATO together with or without France and Germany and China and Russia, etc. .

Regarding the academic quoted on Rush Limbaugh show today saying that there is an attempt to form a "second world power" is partially true. It is Russia via Putin which is the country most in contact with all nations and is rebuilding the USSR through various agreements with surrounding countries. And of course France and Germany think that they would have some part of the power. [HaHa] [Reasons why I believe a defacto rehabillitation of the USSR is going on later.]

Keeping in mind that Russia is already the top arms seller worldwide, Russia already has the base to "revive" its already operative "military-industrial complex".

Some questions in mind regarding the above: What happened to all of the Russian oil? Is it true that the U.S. gets most of its oil from Canada and Mexico? Whose economy is strongest even when it is down? How strong is the Russian economy? If Russia, France and Germany were selling to Iraq then where did that money come from?

If anyone has said that all the UN debating society is doing is to "contain" the US, they are correct. It should be widely proclaimed that France and Germany have broken the UN and the U.S. according to its own laws and according to the fact that there is defacto no "UN" proceed on its own with any allies who wish to join in.


A Nation of Children

March 11, 2003 Tuesday

Are we living in a nation of children? Where are US Civilian's guts?

The support the troops banter includes the middle of the road fence sitting apology that we should "support our troops" and that is OK as long as one recognizes the "anti war" stance.

I believe that to be a matter of scared kids who do not know what to do regarding how bullies treat them and so try to bargain their way out without knowing what to do.

Overall they have lost sight of the fact that if one takes on a true bully that one may nullify the bully's powers.