Sigma Xi Orange County Chapter

Our Presentations

These are the presentations given by our distinguished speakers, or our members.

Huntington Beach Seawater Desalination Facility

This is the presentation at the March 2022 meeting, describng the background and progress toward the desalination facility.

Product Development Process (PDP) for IoT Ready Products

This is a Powerpoint presentation on a process for devloping reliable Internet-of-Things products.

A Mars Transportation Architecture for Sustained Human Exploration

These are the slides accompanying the presentation at the March 2021 meeting. The talk described a proposal for a system for sending crews (and returning them) and supplies to Mars, over a 30-year period.
There's an extensive bibliography at the end.

Coronavirus vs the Human Immune System

This is a PowerPoint tour through the immune system, and the ages-old war of viruses against humans. It was given during the Zoom meeting on October 20, 2020