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To our favorite service members

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Louise Cobb, Cross Lanes, WV

I pray for you daily, I love each of you deeply, I support you in every way I can, and think you're the most important people in ALL of America.

Lance Nelson, USMC

From Aunt Ann

John Anthony, USMC

For a loved nephew from Aunt Peggy
Springville, CA

Daniel Cooper, USAF

Proud of you, son.
From Dad "Oscar" Donald Cooper

Jeanne Kirsch, Corona del Mar, CA

We are so proud of you and what you are doing in serving our Country.Thank you from all of our family.

Garrett Perez, USMC, Anaheim

We are very proud of you. With love from your family.

Mogi Kinsey and "Red" O'Neil, Key Largo, FL

SFC Vernon Patrick O'Neil: We love you and are praying for your safe return SOON! "Red" and MogiSenior.

SFC Vernon P. O'Neil III

To all those that have served, are serving, will serve, or are family members of any of them, I wish to thank you for all that you have done in support of our United States of America.

Bonnie M. Maynard, March ARB, CA

To those from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Chris Bacerra, Santa Ana, CA

Mike Albert, Santa Ana, CA

Kathy P., Irvine, CA

The support of our troops in our area is overwhelming. You are in our prayers everyday. We are so proud of you. Come home soon

Klaus & Lilo Gruenbeck, Costa Mesa, CA

God bless You for defending our country. Come back safe. Our respect to you all.

Lisa, Michael & Megan Sicard, Escondido, CA

We are so very proud of you and all the men and women that are giving up normal lives - we cherish so much!! Thank you! and God Speed!!!We will always be here for you!!!

Shane Jones, Anaheim, CA

Alberto Felix, CA

Mary Crosbie

Nina Makculis

John Fisher, Huntington Beach, CA

Pat Fravel, Costa Mesa, CA

Steve Price, Costa Mesa, CA

Carolina Collins, Costa Mesa, CA

Sharlene Moore, Costa Mesa, CA

Martha H. Zapata, Huntington Beach, CA

Brian Klopp, Anaheim, CA

Les Theel, Anaheim, CA

Michele Rowley, Silverton, OR

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of our service members working hard for all of us. We pray you will be home soon--safe and sound.

Mickey, Mission Viejo, CA

You're the greatest!

Wolfgang Felgenhauer, Fort Washington, MD

Go for it,and do A good Job

Reneé Hankins, Kent, WA

Jerry Hankins, Kent, WA

Mogi Kinsey-O'Neil, Key Largo FL

Vernon ("Red") P. O'Neil, Capt, USN, (Ret.)

John Fisher, Huntington Beach, CA

Dan Dwyer, Huntington Beach, CA

Kevin Barker, Fullerton, CA

Kent S. Pearson, Gardena, CA

John Lockwood, Chino, CA

Susie Vitela

Susan Brown

Donna Collier, Santa Ana, CA

Larue Collier (USN, Ret.), Santa Ana, CA

Donald Rosenfield, Moseley, VA

Bless you all!

Marcia Greenwood, Santa Ana, CA

Joseph Bartfay, Fountain Valley, CA

Sally Bartfay, Fountain Valley, CA

Vernon P. O'Neil, SSGT, US Army

Harold Terry Johnson,

Jean Chinea De La Paz,

Marianne Jewett, Garden Grove, CA

Roger Coulter, Santa Ana, CA

Betty Shepard, Santa Ana, CA

H. R. Howard, USAF (Ret.), DFC

Joel Lopez, Santa Ana, CA

Betty Adams, Costa Mesa, CA

Richard Bohn, Costa Mesa, CA

Tristan FitzPatrick, Huntington Beach, CA

Mike Zorn, Santa Ana, CA

Edie G. Zorn, Santa Ana, CA


To all our service members who serve here and abroad and their allied partners You Have Our Highest Regards and We Will Always Be Here For You
Begun February 14, 2003.

The Blue Star Banner
Since WW I, families with family members serving in the armed forces have hung this flag in their window.