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The North Carolina General Assembly on Monday honored U.S. forces stationed in North Carolina who are fighting in the war against terrorism.

Public outcry keeps flags flying on Portland firetrucks.

Canadian Rallies
April 4, in Toronto

Photos of the San Diego Rally, March 29 - 30.

April 3, 2003 ... This morning in San Diego, California at the QualCom Stadium, people gathered to form a human Yellow Ribbon to be sent to our service members so they will know that we are out here for them. Look for one near you.

Aussie poll shows significant increase in voter support for Iraq campaign.
Reported by
"In February, 75% of voters were against a strike on Iraq without United Nations backing. A new poll showed 50% of voters now support the war."

Seattle PI reports in story on public reactions that poll shows approval.
"About 7 in 10 Americans said the US-led military campaign was the right thing to do, and overall approval of the President remained high at about 71%, according to the daily survey conducted March 20-24."

Rallies in support of America in Washington, Richmond, VA, and other cities across the nation

The "Rally for America" in Cleveland drew 10,000 - in Houston, another 10,000 - in San Antonio, 8,000 - thousands more in Oklahoma, Nashville, etc. National media seem to find these rallies too insignificant to report. See the NewsMax article for details.

A Gallup Poll shows strong American support for the war.

Two thousand people turned out in Cincinnati at the Support Our Soldiers rally.

There are lots of demonstrations in support of the troops: Hundreds gather...

"Have You Forgotten", by Tennessee country singer Darryl Worley is climbing the charts.

Here's another support demonstration in Milwaukee, where snow and freezing cold didn't keep people home.

A farmer in Lawrenceburg, TN, carved out a map of the US in his cornfield. Here's an aerial photo.

Waves carry surfer 18 miles in overnight ordeal.

Two ospreys cuddle in their nest atop a billboard in the Florida Keys.

The Cricket World Cup 2003

The World Cup in South Africa... India Australia

Stu's Comic Strip Connection, all the major comic strips available on the internet.

After 50 days at sea, the Navy cuts loose with a few brews: Beer Day at Sea

Iditarod 31 -2003-

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