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US Valentine

To our favorite service members

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Aboard the Abe Lincoln

Fayetteville is home to Ft Bragg, home of the XVIII Airborne Corps.

Operation Mom

How to help deployed troops and their families.

29 Palms includes a way to send letters, also many support services for Marine families.

OEF at MCAS Miramar (near San Diego, CA)

Bill would help soldiers become citizens.

Iraqi immigrants rejoice in Seattle

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A rally of support in Fayetteville.

Baseball readies patriotic home openers

Denmark sends ships, troops to Iraq

Yellow ribbons dot Orange County


"Tossems": town fairs where all sorts of things get thrown:
  Typewriters in Birmingham, AL
  Toilet paper in Kansas

Marine unit overseas adopts a playful pup.


Coalition and supporting countries.

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Supporting our troops

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Favorite service members

KOGO reports that the USS Constellation is coming back to its home port, San Diego. Another carrier, the USS Kitty Hawk, is going back to its home base in Japan.

The crew of the USS Higgins, a guided-missle destroyer, is being replaced by the crew of the USS Benfold.

A support rally in San Diego drew 2,000 people. KOGO says thay'll have photos up soon.

KOGO's Sky600 aerial photographer got a photo of a planted flag in San Diego.

Rally for America
News of rallies across the country

Here's a list of current and continuing rallies across the country.
For more rallies, with dates, times, and directions, see NewsMax.

Palm Beach County, Fla.

Montclair, N.J.
Redlands, Calif.
Hemet, Calif.
Lynwood, Washington State

Brunswick, Maine
Portsmuth, New Hampshire
Medford, Mass.
Norwich, N.Y.
Brandon, Fla.
Delaware, Ohio
Champaign, Ill.
Port Collins, Colorado
***Costa Mesa, Calif.
Traverse City, Mich.

Charlotte, N.C.
San Fernando Valley, Calif.
San Jose, Calif.
***Camp Murray, Washington State
(South of Tacoma)

Tallahassee, Fla.

Bartlett, Tenn.
Philadelphia, Penn.
Washington, D.C.
Staunton, Va.
Allen, Texas
Waupaca, Wis.
Salina, Kan.
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Salt Lake City, Utah
Pocatello/Chubuck, Idaho

Millbrook, Ala.
Collinsville, Okla.

Dothan, Ala.
Arlington, Washington State

Honolulu, Hawaii

82nd Airborne
101st Airborne

Black Watch
Ft. Bliss, TX
  Wall of Heroes
  Deployments Photo Gallery
  Captured, Injured, Rescued
US Aircraft Carriers
  USS Nimitz
  USS Abraham Lincoln
  USS Kitty Hawk
  USS Constellation
Coalition Ships
  RMS Sir Galahad
Seventh Cavalry
4th Infantry Division
(and other groups deployed on battle areas)
Army Times
Air Force Times
Navy Times
Marines Times

"I am an American soldier too"
Jessica Lynch, PFC, US Army
Samantha Sheppard, 2nd Light Tank Regiment
K.C., Capt, USAF
Alma Fowler, SSGT, US Army
Shoshana Russell, SPC, US Army Army wives at Ft. Lewis run an obstacle course, and discover the rigors of training.    photo Kurdish fighter waves to crowds in Iraq Lori Ann Piestewa, PFC, US Army
A mountain peak in Phoenix, AZ, has been renamed Piestewa Peak