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Saturday, June 14

Fathers Day
Saturday, June 15

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The Blue Star Banner
Since WW I, families with family members serving in the armed forces have hung this flag in their windows.


To all our service members who serve here and abroad and their allied partners You Have Our Highest Regards and We Will Always Be Here For You
Begun February 14, 2003.

May 17


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Betsy Ross thought there should be stars on the new flag. Washington, Morris and George Ross (no relation ro Betsy) thought a star would be too hard to make. Betsy showed them how to make a star with one cut of her scissors. You can, too, with these directions.

A short history of the beginnings of the flag.

Every day is Flag Day for WW II veteran Elwood Stein, 86, of Amarillo, TX.

The National Constitution Center has been sending a flag around the country. Since December 2002, it has been flying over each state capitol building. It will come back to Philadelphia on June 14, 2003, and then be on permament display.

This site has flags you can print out, puzzles and games about the flag, geography, history, and famous Americans.

There's also a larger animated version

The American Legion Website gives history, flag etiquette, and frequently asked questions.

How the flag is folded.

In February 2003, the Fullerton (CA) Lions Club gave out flags to Golden Hill Elementary School first-graders.

How Father's Day started (1910, in Spokane, WA.).

After 10 months at sea, some fathers see their children for the first time.

Second-grader Caleb Smith won a state writing contest with his essay about his grandfather, Pete Warner, who was in the Navy, and was at D-Day in 1944.

Soldiers from the 18th Airborne Corps return after six months to a year in Afghanistan. Waiting parents greet their returning sons and daughters; returning parents greet their families.

British soldiers return home to their families. A collection of stories from a British paper.

The Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) gets messages to troops overseas, even when cellphones might not be available.

After nine months at sea, it's good to be home.

The the USS Constellation returns after seven months at sea. It's the aircraft carrier's last voyage.

Dad's Home. Mom's deployed.

At Camp Lejeune, NC, kids experience their dad's training. Check the photos at the end of the story.

In the Boot Camp for New Dads, at Travis AFB, CA, new Air Force dads learn parenting, and how to be good fathers.

Terry Harder is the son and grandson of soldiers. His 3 children are soldiers. He joined Operation Support Our Troops, in Tacoma, WA, an organization dedicated to supporting our troops and insuring that they are not forgotten.