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WW II Memorial in Washington, DC

The National WW II Memorial opened on April 30, and will be formally dedicated on Memorial Day, May 30.

Seventeen years in the making, the memorial honors the 16 million who served in the military, and the millions more who supported them here at home.

The Memorial has a Web site, with detailed pictures. Follow the link near the bottom of the Memorial page, titled "High-Resolution Images":

  A group of WW II veterans happened to be there for the opening, which was decided only the day before. The news stories have interviews with the veterans, and with other people who were there.

  This is a news report from Texas station KLTV, with on-the-scene coverage before the Memorial opened. There are interviews with workers, historical WW II news clips, and explanations of the parts of the Memorial.

  If you can't get to Washington to see it, this site is the next best thing. Click on the link under "Featured Video".

News stories from around the country

  We'll add more as they happen

Local papers reporting from around the country:

This is a site with some photos of the Memorial, taken after it opened.

Part of the work of the Commission behind the WW II Memorial is a WW II Registry, containing the names of people who served in the military or contributed to the war effort.

60 years ago, they parachuted into France with the 101st Airborne Division. Next month, they'll jump again in ceremonies marking the anniversary of D-Day.

  Richard "Red" Falvey, 83, injured his shoulder during a practice jump, and might not be with his two friends, Richard Mandich, 79, and Dick Case, 83, but they'll have to tie him down to keep him off the plane.

  The Mayor of Sainte-Mere-Eglise gave the trio the go-ahead for the jump, but the US Army Europe has yet to approve.

Eagle Scouts Evan Hunsberger and Aaron Allen, of Orange County, California, are being presented with one of Scouting's top honors: the Young American Award.

  They're two of five young people selected this year for the award.

During the Civil War, soldiers used to send photographs back to their families. The photos get home a lot faster nowadays.

  The Los Angeles Times has some good photo galleries taken by National Guard units, here.

Two U.S. Marines were awarded Silver Stars for gallantry in action in Iraq. The ceremony was held at Camp Pendleton. A third Marine got the Silver Star posthumously, and a fourth, the Navy Cross.

  Trumpets, trombones, ... and M16s - these are the stock in trade for members of this elite band unit. They serve today in Iraq, providing security services.

  The band was first organized in 1942, and served with distinction in Europe during WW II, in Viet Nam, and now, in Iraq.

People in Adrian, MI, showed their support of the President and the troops.

Actor Mickey Rooney, 83, was presented with an award at the National D-Day Memorial, for his service in Europe during WW II. He already has a Bronze Star, awarded during the war.

Jessica Lynch earned a Purple Heart in Iraq. She's out of the Army now, going around the country, giving speeches and raising money for her Foundation.

  The Jessica Lynch Foundation is raising money to pay back her hometown of Palestine, W.VA., whose residents contributed to make her home there wheelchair accessible, during her recovery. The other goal is to provide education grants to children of veterans.

  The foundation's website isn't online yet.